ABC Background Briefing- “Have I got a hearing aid for you.”

On 30 November 2014, the ABC radio program looked into the practice of hearing aid fitting in Australia. This segment raised concerns about the practice of payment of commissions and/or incentives to audiologists or the businesses employing them by hearing aid manufacturers when their brand of hearing aids are sold. This program pointed out that commissions are  almost standard practice across hearing aid chains (you can find the transcript at

Nepean Hearing is registered with Independent Audiologists Australia. We are all University Trained Audiologists and we are not owned by any Hearing Aid Manufacturer. We are free to fit any hearing aids from any hearing aid brand. We do not work to sales targets and we do not receive commission for our hearing aid sales.

Independent Audiologists Australia supports and promotes clinical practices owned by audiologists. Our code of ethics states that the clinician-client transaction must be transparent. We encourage people to enquire as to the qualifications of service providers and to recognise the difference between hearing aid dispensers and audiologists.

Further, we encourage people to enquire as to clinical ownership, billing practices and sales incentives that may apply so as to make informed choices about where they obtain hearing rehabilitation services